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Mr. Justin Tout

Welcome letter from Mr. Tout

So a little about me! I am new to Troy Schools this year, but not new to the world of Transition Education. I grew up in the Metro Detroit area and lived around Metro Detroit most of my life. After graduating from Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!) I moved to Southern California where I started an adult transitions special education classroom at Indio High School. After getting that program off the ground, I made the choice to move back to Michigan to be closer to family. The next two years I taught in an adult transitions classroom at The Lamphere Center in Madison Heights. Now, I am very pleased to be a member of the Troy Center Team!

I spent most of the summer rehabbing my new home in North-West Detroit. It was (arguably still is) a bit of a fixer-upper from 1949. It has been an incredible learning experience but after many hours of hard work, I’m finally moved in and able to take on more of a weekend warrior role. If you have any tips, I’m open!