Transportation Options

There are many options/alternatives for transportation - see them below:
Before you call one of the above services – be sure you have all the details ready.
  • Account Details
  • Name
  • Pick up Location
  • Destination Location
  • Ask the amount your Account will be charged
  • Ask how long the wait will be


UBER – usually arrives within 30 min UBER – this service is all done on a smart phone.  Credit card information is given up front when you open a MANDATORY account – no cash is exchanged, tips are already figured in.  This service is availbale 24hours a day, 365 days a year.  Please check out the link.  For the City you click on Detroit and the whole metro area with come up.  Typically a local run would be about $6.00.  You can also check it out on


Medi-Go-Plus   (248-457-1100) – TWO DAY NOTICE REQUIRED


SMART bus / wait) 248-362-3436 - $1 each wa


LYFT -  usually arrives within 30 mins
An account is necessary after opening the LYFT app.  Same as Uber, tip is included, maybe a little

Other Options

Medi-Go has been extremely hard to set up rides this year, their first priority is always passengers with medical issues. We contacted some of the local cab companies, below is some of the pricing (always double-check to make sure prices haven't gone up since we researched):

A&A Transportation   248-544-1600
 $3.50–automatic + $2.60 per mile

Ace Transportation    248-543-0050
$5.00–automatic + $3.00 per mile

Birmingham/Troy Cab. Co.   248-546-2920
$3.00 per mile
(if you are not going at least 5 miles you will automatically be charged $15.00 - $20.00)

Michigan Taxi   248-666-0222
$1.50–automatic + $2.60 per mile (under 5 miles is $15.00)

Freedom Road Transportation

This is a link for a transportation option in Oakland County for Senior’s and people with disabilities, called  Freedom Road Transportation. You have to apply through the APPLY link. Their information states: Once you have completed the necessary application procedures, and it is determined you are eligible for assistance, you will receive mileage reimbursement for your driver(s). Arrangement for travel are made between you and your volunteer driver, as mutually convenient. Records of travel are sent to FRT each month to validate your completed travel.

Their phone number for more information is 248-232-1259  

We have not personally used this program. However, it looks as though a may be a good option for some of our students. If you have experience with the Freedom Road Transportation program, we would love to hear feedback.