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Dignity of Risk

At Troy Center for Transition, we understand that the transition into adulthood can be very stressful and confusing for both our young adults and their families.  It is a time when students must learn to try new things, to be more independent and to find their place in the adult world.  Families must learn to support and encourage their children to take acceptable risks without fear, while still protecting them.  It is a delicate balance and one not easily achieved.  We would like to share with you a few thoughts from a man and woman who said it beautifully...

Some Questions to Think About: What if.....

Reprinted from the New Mexico Development Disabilities Supports Division - Meaningful Day

  • What if you never got to make a mistake?
  • What if your money was always kept in an envelope where you couldn't get it?   
  • What if you were never given a chance to do well at something?
  • What if your only chance to be with people different from you was with your own family?
  • What if the job you did was not useful?
  • What if you never got to make a decision?
  • What if the only risky thing you could do was act out?
  • What if you couldn't go outside because the last time you went it rained?
  • What if you took the wrong bus once and now you can't take another one?
  • What if you got into trouble and were sent away and you couldn't come back because they always remember you’re trouble?
  • What if you worked and got paid $0.46 an hour?
  • What if you had to wear your winter coat when it rained because it was all you had?
  • What if you had no privacy?
  • What if you could do part of the grocery shopping but weren't allowed because you couldn't do all of the shopping?
  • What if you spent three hours every day just waiting?
  • What if you grew old and never knew adulthood?
  • What if you never got a chance?

-Linda Stengle, Laying Community Foundations for Your Child with a Disability